Why: Professional real estate photography?

Montreal Real-Estate marketing is a very big one and the competition is even bigger, that’s why you have to somehow stand-out the crowd. Toodor Studio Montreal is offering you Professional Real-Estate Photography for Montreal and surroundings. See below just a few reasons to consider hiring a Professional Real-Estate Photographer for your listings.

The abundance of visual media content in the media has conditioned home buyers to respond to strong images. Photography is THE MOST EFFECTIVE tool that Real-Estate sellers use to captivate the attention of their buyers.
Here are some key points to remember:

  • The first, and sometimes the only impression about a particular house that a buyer saw, comes from the real estate photographs of that one.
  • About 86% of people who bought a house last year, used the Internet for their research.
  • Real estate agents that are selling big houses or big value houses are saying that Professional Real-Estate photographs allows buyers to focus on homes that they’re interest without even going to the place.
  • When comparing professional photos to those taken by real estate agents themselves, you realize right-away the reason why you better invest in a professional real estate photographer.

In summary, the big question is:
Can I produce quality photos myself or is it better to entrust this sensible part of my marketing to a professional?

For you, investing in professional photos can be worth thousands of dollars…


Why Toodor Studio?

  • Very creative and demanding photographer with a well trained eye. Professional with over 12 years experience in photography and 13 years in the interior design and Home Staging.
  • The pleasure of always dealing with the same person who will get to know your tastes and preferences. Someone that listens and who will always give you a valuable advice.
  • A very skilled photographer that, once again, will do all the possible (sometimes even the impossible) so that your photos are always at their best.

Real-Estate Photography Before and After | By Toodor Studio Montreal

  • The experience talks for itself, a very short time between the photo-session and getting your final results delivered(48 hours max).
  • A very good price/quality ratio. Please see our Prices an Packages for the Real-Estate Photography.
  • Photographer always up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. Latest generation equipment for the best results on the market. HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos in High Resolution

Montreal Real-Estate Photography| by Toodor Studio

  • The pleasure to relax and enjoy watching the professionals at work. Say goodbye to the stress!
  • All the clients are 100% satisfied.
  • A professional look for your listing photographs and, as consequence, your business.

We care about your business and we work hard Before, During and After the photo-session. That’s why we created a To-Do list for successful Real-Estate Photographs to share with your clients. That will make everyone’s life easier and your pictures even more beautiful.

You can see our Real-Estate Photography portfolio HERE or like our Facebook Page

To book your first Real-Estate Photo-session, please Contact Us via the form provided or over the phone. It will be a pleasure to be part of your team and help you sell MORE and FASTER.


Tell your clients How to prepare their house for the Professional Real-Estate Photo-session. Click on this link to read the article and download the check-list.